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Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:27

By bicycle

Mean of transport? Bicycle, of course!
 You can travel in many ways. The question is: what is the purpose of your travelling?
Is it just to get from one place to another without any inconvenience? Or is it the travelling itself? We guess you know what our answer is to this question. We are travelling for the journey itself, for the adventure, for the experience, for challenging ourselves.
Going by train wouldn't be a big deal at all. It would be comfortable with problems like queuing in front of the toilet or the canteen, having to wait for another train. Don't get us wrong: we don't judge those who choose travelling by train, by car or other means of transport to see the world. Our point is that we believe that the best way to "experience the world" is to get on our bikes and pedal.
We are looking for travelling free, that's why we don't need timetables, crowded and noisy buses or trains. They are too fast to see the beauty of the land. And they may not go where we would like to go.
Cycling is different. It is total freedom! On one hand it is fast; you can take even 60-65 miles a day, and on the hand it is slow; everything is first-hand experience!
We can decide when and where to stop and we decide which direction to go to; we don't even need surfaced road. Miles taken are actually the miles that we have taken with the bikes. May many of you know how it feels like to get in a hut or arrive to a camp site at night after a long day of climbing, hiking or cycling. You can appreciate everything much more than usual; your meal tastes nicer, the shower feels better and getting into your sleeping bag feels like a king-sized bed in a 5 star hotel.
We pack everything what we need on our bikes. We have to make some compromise of course. We won't make chicken bamboo with fried rice in a wok made of metal in the neighbourhood of the Great Wall in China. We will need to banish such luxury for a while. We can still use an aluminium pan, anyway.
If something breaks down or punctures we fix it. If it's really bad, we use duct tape or we wire or look for a workman's mate.
If it is needed, we can put our bikes on a bus, train, ship, canoe or on the back of a yak. But our plan is to pedal as much as we can, and use public transportation when it is really reasoned. Getting to know a culture is only possible, when you are close to its people. If you don't step outside from the hotel, you only get the "play for tourists" starring local waiters, shop assistants and receptionists.
With our bikes we are able to get to those places, where no "hop on hop off" buses go and where we can communicate with the local people. They always have a few questions to stranger travellers with fully-packed bicycles.
Travelling by bikes can be a bit of time-consuming adventure. But that's the good thing. You set the pace! We encourage you to try it, it is worth is!

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